Eductify – Because, Yes, Algebra is Part of Life | NewsWatch Review


One of the best ways to learn and retain mathematics is to constantly practice. Eductify’s [pronunciation: educate-if-eye]

Math Tests app allows students should have access to a large number of online practice tests to take at any time, anywhere. It covers complete elementary school and most of the high school topics such as arithmetics, geometry, fractions, algebra and so on.

These multiple-choice math tests run the full gamut of knowledge and understanding. It’s as easy as clicking “launch test” to get going. At the end of the test, they’ll receive a grade. Detailed results are stored and can be viewed anytime.

The app also contains a theory for learning topics before launching tests. Theory can be also viewed during tests.

Students can create a study plan allowing them to schedule long term learning goals. Learning progress can be viewed in detailed statistics and test results in history.

With over six thousands of multiple-choice math tests at their fingertips, kids will be fluent at their level of math in no time. And parents can check on their child’s progress by using their very own Parent Connect app.

The Math Tests app is available in 10 languages, including English, Spanish, German, and French.

Get started today by heading to or by downloading it from the Google Play or App Store.