LootMaster – Compete for Prizes with this Multiplayer App | NewsWatch Review


We love mobile games that allow you to win actual real-world prizes. There’s just something about finding out that time-waster wasn’t an actual waste of time.

LootMaster is a multi-player app that allows players to compete for physical prizes like an Xbox, PlayStation, iPad, and Macbook.

That’s right. You can actually win a PlayStation by messing around on your phone.

In order to win, players can join looting events! The more they loot, the lower the price drop. You rack up coins as you loot until you’ve got enough coins to buy the prize at the new low price.

It’s as simple as that. But of course, it’s not fun unless there’s competition. Players race to get the most coins as the price drops.

First one there gets the prize. LootMaster also includes rare and hard-to-find items, like limited edition Funko Pops, for those looking to get their hands on collectibles without breaking the bank, coming from their partner and well-known toy store, BoomLoot, in Orange County.

LootMaster includes a single-player mode that allows you to fight bosses for coins. But the most fun is had in the Loot Events sections of the app.

Download the LootMaster app on your iPhone today by heading to the App Store.