Profit – Align Goals and Track Team Contributions | NewsWatch Review

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It takes a team to make a business run day in and day out, but is everyone running in the same direction?

Without goals clearly defined for all, your company might as well be running in place because you’ll never be able to accomplish what you’ve set out to achieve.

The solution is the Objectives and Key Results software or OKRs. And one of the best on the market today is Profit.

Profit helps to align the goals of your team with the vision of your leaders by ensuring everyone can see what they are working toward while giving leaders the ability to easily track contributions.

Get started quickly with built-in templates and an in-depth wizard that will help you define your team’s goals whether they are monthly, quarterly, or annual.

Team members can easily link their OKRs to a manager’s to stay on top of weekly productivity goals without having to field endless reports throughout the week.

Other built-in features like the newsfeed, company dashboards, and an alignment score let you know how your team is performing at a glance, helps streamline and declutter an otherwise busy work week.

Profit is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows.

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