Spelling Shed – Have Some Fun Spelling with Spelling Shed | NewsWatch Review


With mobile apps, we’ve entered a golden era of learning that allows kids to absorb all the essentials they need while having fun at the same time. And we’re not only talking at home, but schools are also stopping to adopt an app-based system to keep their students engaged.

Spelling Shed is one of those apps that’s seeing wide-spread adoption.

This fun app allows kids to “play” from a tablet, phone, or computer while complying with common core ELA standards.

They start by choosing their level of difficulty. Easier levels give more support so kids can practice until they are ready for a harder level or go straight for a challenge. A stage includes weekly objectives and spelling lists that provide steady progress through the entire curriculum.

Spelling Shed guides children through all the spelling skills they’ll need for each grade. As kids progress, they’ll receive points that give them a sense of accomplishment and honeypots to buy avatar upgrades.

Those who’ve used the Spelling Shed app have seen a 50% increase in standardized test scores and with 300 million words spelled so far, this app is fast-becoming the spelling app of choice for schools, parents, and kids.

Find out more or download the app by visiting spellingshed.com today.