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A new study shows we spend 37 minutes of family time each day, and kids spend 4-7 minutes of outdoor play yet 7+ hour in front of screens.

It’s known that kids who spend time outside are more inventive, imaginative, and happier, so what if you could get your kids outside more and less time in front of their screens?

TechDen is an app and charging station for managing screen time while also charging your devices. Unlike stand-alone apps to help manage screen time, the combination of the hardware and software removes your child’s want to even use it.

The Den establishes a new mindset of unavailability which completely wipes out the distraction and lets growing kids focus on the world around them. The Den securely charges and stores up to two devices. The app works with the Den allowing you to set a schedule for screen time and to lock and unlock the door.

You’ll receive notifications whenever a device is removed. You can also set time limits for each device. When kids return their devices to the Den they receive points.

The more points they rack up, the closer they get to a pre-determined prize. Take control of your child’s device usage today at