The Sassy Olive – Fashionably Fun Headbands | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Fashion or style is closely linked to your personality. You could say, what you wear reflects who you are. Never is that truer than when you’re rocking a stylish headband.

The Sassy Olive is a female-owned company that focuses on headbands that reflect female empowerment and the expression of pride in your true self.

Each headband is carefully handmade in their brick and mortar shop in Allegan, Michigan.

Every style and design is chosen with care by the owner according to her personal style and what catches her eye, as well as feedback from customers.

A quick glance at their site and you’ll see every type of headband including stretches, top knots, twists, wraps, scrunch tops, beanies, and plenty more.

Each style has an endless array of designs, with new ones added constantly, whether you’re into singular colors or more sassy designs that include themes like holidays, sports, and even the medical field.

You can even order custom headbands for things like school functions or other group activities. Whether you’re looking for something funky or more understated, The Sassy Olive has got it all.

To browse their unique collection of headbands, head on over to today.