Take the Guesswork out of Hangouts with the Who’s in Town App | NewsWatch Review


Much has been debated about the privacy of social media platforms. It seems users aren’t exactly aware of all the ways their information is being shared, even with friends.

Who’s in Town is an app that addresses this information from two angles.

First, whenever you log in to Who’s in Town, you’ll see a map with the location of all of your Instagram friends who’ve posted recently. This allows you to see what friends are in your area and who you want to hang out with.

A single tap and you can DM them directly from Instagram.

This is particularly cool when you’re out of town and discover you and a friend are in the same destination at the same time. You can even receive notifications from your favorites so you can track your close friends.

That brings us to the second purpose of Who’s in Town. The app is intended to make you more aware of what kind of information you’re sharing on social media and with whom.

Using Who’s in Town is a safer, more conscious way to interact with your closest friends.

For more information or to download this app, head over to WhosInTown.app today.