Spice up Your Texts Messages with Mojitok Stickers | NewsWatch Review


If you want to spice up your texts and messages, look no further than Mojitok.

Mojitok is used by 10 million users around the world, where they can add more fun to their texts by browsing through a library of over 60,000 stickers, creating their very own stickers, and sending automatically suggested stickers in their messages.

Imagine talking without emotion – not so easy, right? That’s why when it comes to messaging it’s only natural that we do so using emotion.

Sending a sticker is the way Mojitok expresses how one may be feeling because a picture is worth a thousand words.

The end user’s experience is the most important thing. They have to have a lot of fun with the feature but carry more compatibility.

Currently, Mojitok is making partners with companies such as mobile manufactures, broadcasting companies, and animation studios.

They’ve even just recently closed a deal with Samsung Galaxy and it’s expected to be preloaded with the new Galaxy phone’s keyboard in this upcoming phone.

It’s no wonder why this app is a big hit. Download Mojitok on the App Store today and lookout for Mojitok on the Galaxy Note 10 keyboard.