A honeymoon is an important event for all couples, from Asian men to plus size black women. For honeymoons, couples usually prefer to visit romantic destinations. Honeymoons are essentially an escape from the world to a place where a couple can spend time with just each other. Honeymoons help couples develop a feeling of understanding between each other.

Planning a wedding and executing it can be very stressful for the bride and the groom, so a vacation right after the wedding to an exotic destination happens is a great stress reliever. Here is a list of 10 beautiful and stunning destinations that will help you plan your honeymoon.

1.  Dating for Widowed in Paris

The city of love and lights doesn’t need any introduction. Experience the amazing nightlife and cherish your loved one while having exotic food and sipping drinks around the Eiffel tower. Dating for widowed is also easy in Paris, thanks to its open romantic culture.

2.  Maldives

The romantic weather, colorful reefs, and crystal clear water of Maldives offer a perfect setting for the most romantic honeymoon. The best time to visit the Maldives is between May to November.

3.  Phuket

Phuket is a mountainous island. It has some of the most famous beaches in Thailand. The nightlife scene is one of the best. So, if partying is what you’re after, Phuket is the place to go.

4.  Langkawi

Langkawi is a beautiful island located in Malaysia. If you want to participate in watersports on the beaches of Langkawi with the love of your life and dine in small cafes, this is the place to be.

5.  Greece

Greece is rich in history, so it’s an excellent choice for history buffs. It offers impressive sightseeing destinations and exotic food. You can take ferries to different islands and explore their beaches, music, and food.

6.  Mauritius

People say Mauritius is a slice of paradise on earth. This dreamy island offers stunning white-sand beaches, luxurious hotels, and beautiful weather that make the island the perfect romantic destination for a honeymoon.

7.  Colombia

Colombia is a Latin American destination that oozes romance. It offers beautiful nightlife. The pastel buildings of Cartagena are home to great dining options. Don’t forget to take an afternoon walking tour on the streets of Colombia to explore the stunning architecture, the rich history, and the serene streets.

8.  Fiji Islands

The Fiji islands are perfect for any couple that enjoys both the tropical wilderness of a jungle and the tranquility of crystal blue waters and auburn painted skies.

9.  Puglia

Puglia has some of the finest beaches of Italy. This Italian city is the definition of luxury. If you go to Puglia, definitely visit the Cliff terraces.

10. Switzerland

Switzerland is a stunning honeymoon destination. You can go boating on the River Limmat, take a stroll on the gorgeous streets, or explore the museums scattered across the city.


With the help of this list, you can choose your favorite spots and discuss them with your partner. These are all insanely romantic spots to choose from. When deciding where to go, choose a place that suits your budget and interests the most.