By: Nick Gambino

Social payment apps like Venmo, PayPal and Cash have made transferring money between users simple, but despite the convenience of these apps, they still fall short of fulfilling the needs of users, specifically, when it comes to handling group-to-peer payments for parties and events.

Enter Tikkit. This unique app seeks to make group-to-peer payments easy and lightning-fast by enabling users to launch parties, sell tickets, and collect money instantly. In doing so, Tikkit has created a platform that’s changing the face of ticketing as we know it, and not just for concerts and sporting events, but for you.

The idea is actually quite simple – remove the organizing hassles and difficulties associated with throwing an event or party by simplifying traditional event features. Launching a party takes all of 20 seconds while buying a ticket only takes 5 seconds.

It probably hasn’t occurred to anyone throwing a large party for family and friends that they could ticket the event, adding a dash of organization to keep the stress away. This makes it easy to collect money from anywhere between 10 and 10,000 people.

Let’s say you’re throwing a Super Bowl party with 50 people. Now, you could decide to bankroll this little get-together yourself or you could Tikkit the party to allow everyone to throw in a few bucks. Instead of contacting each person individually and asking them to Venmo their portion, you can collect a set Tikkit amount right through the app.

Outside of organizing parties, they’re also tackling larger-scale events and specifically high fees and fraudulent ticketing by employing a patented QR-less admission.

The Tikkit beta is currently being used by over 23,000 users in over 60 college campuses in the U.S. and Canada, allowing students to not only throw parties and collect money but also giving them a chance to discover new social events they might want to attend. The “Discover” page allows you to easily find friends’ parties.

Venmo touts itself as a social P2P app, but Tikkit really delivers on this front with the ability to discover events and parties all from within the app.

The perfect marriage of social interaction and group-to-peer payments, Tikkit picks up the slack and makes planning a party or social event a whole lot easier. If you missed the beta, don’t worry, the full version of the app will be released in just a few months. Sign up to be alerted at