Car Caché – Keep Your Purse Easily Accessible and Safe From Toppling Over | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

If you carry around a purse or bag, you know the dilemma you face when you get in your car and you either have to put your bag in the backseat – where you can barely reach it – or the passenger seat – where you have to hope it doesn’t spillover. Or worse – on the car floor where your passenger is bound to step on it!

The Car Caché is here to solve this age-old problem, keeping your purse easily accessible and safe from toppling over.

The  Car Cache is a hammock that sits between the seats behind the console that allows you to easily, literally throw your purse into it, so you have access to it, it’s out of everybody’s way, it’s clean and your purse is almost always upright.

There really aren’t any good options for women on the market I couldn’t find anything, o that’s when I came up with this idea of the Car Cache.

This is the only option on the market that allows you to have really true access, in your purse while you’re driving without taking your eyes off the road. You can easily grab whatever and it’s out of everybody’s way.

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