DecoyPro – Range Finder Hunting App for Bow and Arrow Hunters | NewsWatch Review


Hunting is an ancient tradition with many techniques passed down from one generation to the next, but every hunter is looking for that extra advantage in the tree, blind or field.

That’s why DecoyPro was created. DecoyPro is the solution for education, technique, and product, providing the hunter everything needed in the journey. Among their unique line of apps is the Range Finder for more traditional bow and arrow hunters.

Shooting from 20 or more yards away, arrows drop off as they approach their target, leaving hunters to rely on guessing, instinct, and pin sights. The Range Finder app helps take some of the guessing out of the equation.

If you’re up in a tree, this app will help give you a guideline in determining how far away your target is. You simply pick out different points in your surroundings and Range Finder will determine their distance from you.

It’s extremely user-friendly and easy to understand because you don’t need to be messing around with a clumsy app when you’re geared up in the middle of the woods trying to hone-in on a live target.

Take your hunting accuracy a step further by downloading the Range Finder Hunting app today in the App Store or Google Play.