Spetacular Dog Vitamin Water – Electrolytes to Keep Your Dog Hydrated | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

So you’re out for a run and you have enough electrolytes to keep you from getting dehydrated, but what about your dog? Sure, you can make sure your furry friend has plenty of water, but vets recommend that dogs need electrolytes to keep them from dehydration, too.

That’s where the Spetacular Dog Vitamin Water with Electrolytes comes into play. This one-of-a-kind sports drink for dogs includes the additional vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes your dog just doesn’t get from water alone.

Simply squeeze a bit directly into the water in their bowl and that’s it. Not only does it work to hydrate, but it also boosts energy and assists in a few other areas.

It promotes positive mineral balance for healthy digestion and helps reduce the risk of joint issues. By helping your little one stay hydrated, they can run around outside and stretch their legs with no fear of health issues from the heat.

Spetacular Dog Vitamin Water comes in a three-pack with some delicious natural flavors –Blueberry, Watermelon and Peanut Butter. And for a limited time, they even send you this cool on-the-go collapsible bowl!

The company also produces a CBD line to be used on food or in water which provides a wide range of health benfits for your pup!

You can purchase any of these doggie supplements at Spetacular.com.