Buckitron – The Marketplace for Your and Others’ Bucket List Dreams | NewsWatch Review


When life gets in the way, your dreams tend to end up on the backburner. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Maybe you just need help from an app like Buckitron.

Buckitron is a marketplace for your bucket list that connects guests, wanting to live their bucket list dreams, with hosts who can help make those dreams a reality.

Guests can see the full depth of the experience, before making their purchasing decision. You can also become a host and earn money by offering unique bucket list experiences to guests.

Simply fire up the app and tap on the menu, select Switch to Host and fill out your Host profile. Next, create as many bucket list experiences as you like.

Think about it – just get there and let Buckitron take care of the rest.

Conquer your dreams, track your progress and make money doing the things you love.

Download today by searching for Buckitron on the App Store or Google Play.