Fin Fun – Mermaid Tails for Adults and Kids | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Everyone deserves to dream, even if that dream seems too fantastic. That’s the idea behind Fin Fun Mermaid. Fin Fun makes those popular mermaid tails you see kids wearing in the pool or on Instagram.

Their bright and brilliant line of mermaid tails allows kids of all ages to live out their fantasy and take to the water like a fish…or like a mermaid. Fin Fun started as a humble undertaking for one grandmother to make her granddaughter’s wish come true.

Ten years later and Fin Fun now makes mermaid tails for people of all sizes, from toddler to adult. They’ve even taken it a step further with their patented Monofin flipper for each tail. The Monofin helps mermaids swim securely and safely with more speed and less effort.

They offer a wide variety of different colors and styles of tails. And if you don’t find the right one in their vast collection, they also offer custom orders.

In addition to mermaid tails, Fin Fun has a large selection of swimwear, swim accessories, shark fins, mermaid tail blankets, and more.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect gift this holiday season, swim on over to