FLOW WATER – Mobile 3D Water Puzzle Game | NewsWatch Review


Your phone can be both a blessing and a curse. For example, you could use it to play timewaster games or you could use it to play games that challenge your mind and improve your mental skills.

Flow Water Fountain 3D puzzle is a mobile game designed to do the latter. This 3D water puzzle game allows you to train your mind by solving fascinating puzzles with increasing difficulty.

The soothing music and the sweet sound of flowing water add a much-needed layer of relaxation.

Make each stream of water flow from its origin to the corresponding color fountain.

In order to accomplish this seemingly simple feat successfully, you’ll need to move all the pieces on the 3D board into just the right position so the water runs along the correct pipes and pools into the intended fountain.

Now you have all the time and moves you needed to make this happen and can even rotate the board to view it from different angles.

Play through a whopping 450 levels with each providing a unique puzzle with new boards, pools, and fountains.

Download Flow Water Fountain for free in the App Store or Google Play today.