Meeka’s Secret – eBook That Empowers Children to Ask for Help | NewsWatch Review

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The pain of child abuse, especially when experienced at a very young age, can last a lifetime. So how do you help a child understand their feelings, stand up for themselves and defend against trauma?

Meeka’s Secret, a new eBook, and app for kids aged 5-11, opens up this conversation. It teaches emotional intelligence and empowers children to ask for help without shame.

The story follows the journey of a young bug named Meeka who uses mindfulness and listening to feelings to identify abuse, cope with it, and recover.

It was created by Sahar Shams, a survivor of childhood trauma, along with a team of child psychologists.

For Sahar, the hardest part was understanding the event as abuse and finding self-compassion and courage to open up and find help.

“Everything changed when I started thinking differently about myself.” 8 seconds: 4:17-4:25

Meeka’s Secret addresses the complicated emotions that keep children from speaking up while modeling a growth mindset, compassion and what to do in vulnerable situations.

With more than 125,000 downloads in Farsi in just seven months, it’s now available in English. And to celebrate the U.S. launch, it’s free until the end of June

You can download Meeka’s Secret on the App Store and Google Play.

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