Ripcord – Digitize and Add Value to Your Company’s Paper | NewsWatch Review

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Paper is the bane of any company’s existence. Despite the increasingly digitized world, paper still takes up precious storage space and continues to waste environmental resources.

Ripcord is a solution to easily and quickly digitize and add value to your company’s paper and digitally native data.

By enabling Robotics Process Automation, Ripcord is the world’s first robotic digitization company that takes all of that paper and turns it into data.

Depending on the amount of hard copy data you have spilling out of your file cabinets and difficult to access, manually digitizing your operation can be quite overwhelming.

Some would say impossible. Ripcord does all the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. Simply package and ship your records straight to Ripcord.

Once they receive everything, your content is logged, assigned a unique barcode, and tracked as it moves through the proprietary digitization process.

This smart process uses AI and robotics to scan all of your data and create digital copies stored in the cloud, in its content services platform called Canopy.

All the data in your valuable documents becomes instantly searchable allowing you to find that needle in the haystack that would be nearly impossible if you were dealing with mountains of paper.

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