SnowOFF – The Only Windshield Cover You’ll Ever Need | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Are you fed up with scraping ice from your car windshield? Are you tired of frozen fingers as you brush the snow from your vehicle?

Get yourself a SnowOFF. The SnowOFF is the ONLY windshield snow cover you’ll ever need.

The extra-long hood skirt covers your windshield, wipers, washer fluid sprayers, and even your engine so you never have to scrape your car off ever again. And no matter how windy it gets, these sturdy windproof straps will hold fast, stopping your SnowOFF cover from blowing away.

So easy to apply, the suction cups on the wings fit securely inside your windshield, not only to give a smooth custom fit but also work as an antitheft system.

SnowOFF comes in two sizes to fit any Vehicle including Cars, SUVs, and Trucks. This handy accessory will make your life so much easier on those cold mornings, saving you time, energy, and your sanity.

Just Fold off, Shake off and Drive off  SnowOFF makes a great stocking stuffer during the holidays or as a back-to-school-gift for those heading back to college.

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