WD My Cloud Pro Series – Edit and Save from Anywhere with an Internet Connection | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report

Digital media has been the common go-to for media consumption for nearly 2 decades at this point. So it’s safe to assume we all have a nearly unmanageable amount of digital media in the form of photos, videos, and music.

It helps to have a way to tame all of that data and get it under control. That’s where WD’s My Cloud Pro Series comes in. The My Cloud Pro Series PR4100 and PR2100, available in up to 40TB, both offer networked attached storage that allows you to edit and save from anywhere with an internet connection using MyCloud.com and the My Cloud mobile app.

With the option of redundant disk storage, your digital library is safe according to your needs, while password protection and high-grade encryption will make sure there are no unwanted prying eyes. But what’s all of that good for if you can’t easily access your media? The My Cloud Pro Series is great for streaming to any device.

In fact, it works beautifully with PEditlex. Plex is the most comprehensive streaming platform available, seamlessly combining, organizing and streaming your personal collection of movies, TV shows, music, photos, and personal videos as well as a variety of online streaming media. Combine either the My Cloud Pro PR4100 or PR2100 with Plex and you’ve got the ideal media experience right in your own home and anywhere else with an internet connection.

Head to shop.westerndigital.com to purchase your My Cloud Pro Series and then head over to Plex.tv and start streaming your media to all of your screens.