Bingo cards and numbers.

As technological advancements increase, the average recall of a human brain is decreasing with the information it can retain and recall. This is due to our overreliance on specific pieces of technology such as Smartphones that are able to do so much for us, like reminding us of appointments, storing important phone numbers and even finishing our sentences for us via predictive text.

There are so many people at risk of being affected by the so-called “digital amnesia” but there are ways to slow this process down and even prevent it from impacting life at all. It is probably no surprise for you to learn that it is the millennials who are more affected by digital amnesia than any other age bracket. But what can they do to prevent memory problems for occurring early in their lives?

The hippocampus is the area of the brain that needs exercising to prevent memory loss, confusion and Alzheimer’s from occurring. This is also the area of the brain that is prevented from doing all of the exercises it requires to keep healthy when we rely on Smartphones, Smart homes and automated re-ordering services to be able to do everything for us. But there are fun ways like playing bingo to be able to keep your hippocampus fit and healthy in the ways it requires.

Brain Training Bingo

To give your hippocampus the exercise it needs, there are multiple ways in which it can be strengthened. Often these methods are done without the participant even realising the effects they are having on their body. Take Bingo for example. Bingo is a fun game which can be played as a social event or more as a competitive sport to be in with a chance of winning money or prizes. Yes, these may seem like the big advantages of playing Bingo, but actually one of the biggest advantages is something you cannot see. It strengthens the ability of the hippocampus, enables recall to happen for easily and faster, and enables information to be retained for greater periods of time. Bingo is a great way to help you hippocampus and can be incredibly advantageous to many different groups of people, including those suffering from specific and life-changing cognitive disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease. But Bingo is not the only game helpful to increasing the brainpower, the Tray Game, Sudoku and undertaking in Crosswords, are all also incredibly beneficial ways in aiding the hippocampus. 

Medical Mnemonics of online bingo

Everyone will have learned a mnemonic or two at school, whether you were aware of their fancy name or not. More commonly, children are taught rhymes or silly facts in schools to help them to remember key pieces of information which they can transfer to life. Prime examples of these are “30 days has September…” and Never Eat Shredded Wheat to help children remember the points on a weathervane. These concepts work for simple ideas as well as the more complex, and many adults transfer the skills they learned within the classroom as children of creating mnemonics or rhymes, to be able to remember important information later in life.

Medically, it has been found that even if people are unable to recall the specific name of a number, they are able to recall a fact about it. This is linked to the association connected to mnemonics and is also a very prominent point relating to why Bingo is so good for increasing the brainpower of its players. For example, an elderly player may be unable to link the number 88 with the word eighty-eight. But they can use the phrase associated with 88 that is two fat ladies and perhaps link it to the popular cookery show featuring Clarissa Dickinson Wright that they may have enjoyed watching during the 90s. 88 may be the number bus they catch.  Or they may like at number 88. Whatever the link, no matter how tenuous, there will be some information within their recall ability, and that is the most important thing – that this information can be accessed in some way. Bingo, in this instance, is the answer to many pieces of supposedly lost information which often is able to resurface for the first time in years. 

Bingo Brain Power

Many studies have been undertaken into the effects that Bingo has on brainpower with the results being really quite impressive. It has been made clear that playing Bingo has enabled the deterioration of age-related mental decline to be slowed down in a drastic way. Bingo is thought to have a very positive impact on the speed of mental thinking, the ability someone has to be able to scan and find specific pieces of information, and improve the memory recall. In fact, Bingo has now been called the new brain training method which is great news for all of its already biggest fans, as they can now claim that they have a so-called medical reason to continue playing. 

Bingo Boost

There are many additional reasons why Bingo is good for health and it’s not just brain power that can be boosted. In fact, there are multiple areas of health that can be assisted by playing Bingo. Socializing with old and new friends, talking, having fun, laughing and engaging with others can all increase the mental wellbeing of a person, no matter what their age. The action of dabbing can be a great way to strengthen arm muscles in the elderly. Shouting “Bingo!” and going up to the front (in some cases) to receive your prize or your jackpot, can be a huge confidence boost. Breaking up the monotony of the everyday routine and having some time out, can be of huge benefit to the overall health of a person as this will decrease stress levels, increase endorphins and boost the immune system.

There’s so much more to Bingo than just dabbing numbers on a card. It’s more like a fun style of holistic therapy that boosts your general health and brainpower all at the same time. Now that we know this, Bingo is bound to get even more popular!