iceScreen – Windshield Screen for Almost Any Type of Car | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

When the snowy, icy winter hits, you’re going to want to add an extra 20 minutes to your morning routine to make sure you get all the snow off your windshield. But why not skip the hassle altogether and make sure you’re driving safely with a completely clear windshield?

iceScreen windshield screens connect snugly to just about any type of car, using high strength magnets.

Covering your windshield completely, without fear of blowing away, these convenient covers will protect your front window from the elements, making sure it stays snow and ice-free, keeping you and others safe on the road.

And because they are tough, durable and easy to use, you won’t find yourself in the cold for any longer than you have to. Simply remove the screen to reveal a pristine windshield. Storage is simple.

The iceScreen folds neatly into a convenient reusable carry bag. After a hard winter of a job well done, simply rinse off the iceScreen with water, shake it off, put it into the carry bag. And once winter is over, you can flip over the iceScreen to its reflective side, protecting your car from UV rays.

Stay safe this winter with the iceScreen windshield cover. Get yours today