Solight – Incorporate the Beauty of Space and Solar Energy in Your Lighting | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

There are many reasons why we should incorporate solar energy into our daily lives, but, unfortunately, many solutions on the market are costly and unattainable. Solight makes it easy for anyone to incorporate solar energy into their space with their beautiful and portable solar lights.

The idea for Solight has been researched and discovered that one out of four kids has asthma in New York and its because of the pollution in the air caused by energy consumption in buildings.

The trend is that materials are getting thinner, lighter, faster, and stronger and they decided to create the lightest, most flat, packable solar light so you could disperse hundreds.

All of their products are based on origami the idea of our products is its individualized infrastructure.

You have smaller products like light for your phones, for your iPad that can be harnessed immediately from the sun and the design is beautiful so that it looks great in your home it looks great in your garden the sun is the most powerful source of energy that comes to the earth every day and it’s free.

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