There is a new gaming technology in the town called PlayOn. The technology will help gamblers keep a tab on the varied games at the tables. The technology is introduced with an aim to maintaining the momentum of the game by allowing the gamblers to reload their chip stacks on the go. New online casinos seem to be positive about the move, however, real things will unfold in the recent future.

Reportedly, PlayOn will be launched in Las Vegas, but this technology has sparked a controversy in the industry. Like all other innovations that were ever introduced in the gambling industry, this recent addition had got both fans and critics as well.

It is expected that this technology will be first tested at the Red Rock Resort and Casino. Once properly tested and found okay, it will be rolled out in the Palms Casino Resort.

Hit or Miss

If a report is believed, PlayOn will ensure that the players don’t have to leave their table time and again, but they will be able to fill up the chip stacks while at the table. This way, they won’t have to make frequent trips to the ATM or the cashier’s cage.

However, the move also witnessed enough criticism. According to the executive director of the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG), Keith Whyte, this new gambling technology will come with its own set of costs and benefits. He believes that although PlayOn will increase the time a player spends the table, it will impact the players with bad gambling habits adversely.

That said, PlayOn can be seen as an innovation to the existing automated Cashless Systems which was rolled out for testing in March. However, the creators of this system ensured that players don’t have unlimited access to money. They did this by disallowing credit card transactions and only allowed players to use debit cards.

According to James P. Whelan, the co-director of the Institute for Gambling Education and Research, in various cases – the negative sentiments related to the newly introduced machines are overstated as not enough research has gone into the devices. In his views, the gambling industry should study the implications of new technology before making it public.

On similar lines, a Boston College professor believes that such devices could help players take a break and realize it might be the time to step away from the tables.