Slots are the dominant genre at online casinos and they come in many flavors, so there is no risk of getting bored. Experienced players are always searching for new games, with original themes and unique game mechanics, so software developers are hard-pressed to deliver. Music-themed slots which can be found at the best new bingo sites 2020 have gained a lot of traction over the last couple of years and it all began with Netent’s foray into this niche. There are plenty of games inspired by famous musicians and music bands, but perhaps not surprisingly, the three most popular ones are all produced by the Scandinavian software developer.

Guns N’ Roses

Netent came up with the idea of dedicating an online slot to the popular rock band and the success of this slot exceeded their expectations. Guns N’ Roses has won the hearts and minds of online gamblers, just like the legendary rock band did a few decades ago. That’s because the game is not only beautifully designed, but its soundtrack features some of the best-known songs from Axl Rose and the band.

Those who choose to spin its reels are given the option of choosing the track that plays in the background, something that hardcore fans will surely appreciate. Guns N’ Roses was released at the perfect moment, when the fans were celebrating the 30th anniversary of the band. Years later, it is still regarded as the best music-themed online slot and its popularity has led to an entire series.

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix’s music was revolutionary and it is just as appreciated today as it was decades ago. NetEnt surely hopes that the slot inspired by the incredibly talented rock singer and guitar player will follow the same trajectory. The software developer was able to check all the important boxes with this online slot, which is defined by great graphics, fantastic music and a high return to player of 97%.

Winning combinations are produced by music-themed symbols, which make the game even more attractive. Throughout the entire gaming session players will be charmed by Jimi Hendrix’s music, as his best-known tracks play in the background. Just like Guns N’ Roses, this slot grants players the freedom of choosing the song, although the entire soundtrack is spectacular.


Netent was given extra reasons to persevere with its series of music-themed online slots and Motorhead was their third installment. It was able to build on the popularity of its predecessors and much to its credit, met the incredibly high expectations. This time, Lemmy Kilmister was the rock star celebrated by the mobile-friendly slot, one of the most recognizable faces of the band.

No music-themed slot would be complete without an iconic song playing in the background and Motorhead makes no exception. The unmistakable feeling of striking a winning round is further enhanced by the Ace of Spades song that accompanies every successful spin of the reels.