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Consumer Update

Esports produces some of the most engaging content to emerge from the thrilling world of gaming. Fans want to be up to date on everything including stats, news and more, not unlike what you might find with an NFL fanatic. is your best resource for staying updated on the latest esports news and content. Never miss a match or live stream again.

With, you can follow your favorite athletes and discover new ones so you can create your own personalized activity feed. You’ll get push notifications whenever those athletes are about to compete, live stream or upload a video.

You can go even broader and see what tournaments are happening locally or internationally and watch them live. scores events and athletes too, helping you gauge how entertaining they are.

For the esports athlete, they can connect with fans and add images to their feed, updating followers with what title they’re gunning for.

By providing a platform for fans and athletes to connect, top-of-the-line gamers can now build a following and elevate themselves in the world of Esports.

If you’re looking for everything esports, this is the place. To get started today, head on over to