ResearchGate – World’s Largest Digital Community Community in Science | NewsWatch Review

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Many of the world’s biggest issues, such as addressing climate change or finding a cure for cancer, will be solved with science. The challenge, however, is that for most of history, science has been “closed”, with research locked behind paywalls, hindering scientists’ ability to collaborate across disciplines or borders.

ResearchGate is the world’s largest digital community in science, connecting the world of science and making research open to all. With +150 million monthly site visitors, +16 million scientists & researchers, and a presence in 193 countries, ResearchGate is where the world’s scientists collaborate on solving some of the world’s biggest issues. The platform serves 3 audiences.

The first are the researchers and scientists, who use the platform to discover relevant content, collaborate with their peers, and track research impact. The next is for marketers wanting to advertise to scientists & researchers through contextual advertisements, like ads, native advertising, such as in-feed advertising, and through email.

The last audience recruiters who use Research Gate because it enables them to build the best teams in science and positions them as Employers of Choice.

They have the ability to utilize the platforms recruiting tools, candidate search functionality while promoting their institution through employer branding.

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