SourceAbled – Evening the Playing Field for People with Disabilities | NewsWatch Review

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Finding a job is difficult for anyone, especially those with disabilities, who have a tough time securing and sustaining employment. SourceAbled is a platform that evens the playing field for people with disabilities, regardless of the person’s unique needs, providing the connection to job opportunities at companies who want to hire their talents.

Every one of us is connected to someone on the autism spectrum or with someone with a disability, where they are struggling to find a meaningful job.

SourceAbled, however, has good intentions to bring these people to work, but one of the common challenges is the type of work they can do without it affecting their success.

Once they’re brought in, however, the question stands: how do we help them become successful at work and retain and sustain their job?

These are the two common challenges we’ve been seeing in our staffing industry and that’s the problem SourceAbled is solving.

SourceAbled is a unique program that really helps to bridge the gap between job seekers that are truly unique in their abilities and corporations that are looking for talent with the right skills.

And as part of their offerings and services, the corporations will do business with SourceAbled who have experienced a level of excellence, quality, and ensuring that they are truly being able to tap into the diverse person that they are looking for.

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