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Consumer Update

Thomas Abraham from IDeA Design House is a global contemporary architecture, interior, and fashion design brand.

Catering to the premier segment and yet offering a radical and avant-garde take on style and design, IDeA Design House is seeking to redefine practically in every realm of the visual arts – whether it’s art, clothing or furniture.

The brand is a one-stop destination catering to the needs of a refined and sophisticated clientele integrating the best of technology and exquisite detailing. The words of its founder Thomas Abraham, its USP is creativity, technology, and sustainability.

It’s not just about reaching the minds and bodies of men and women but their very hearts and souls. IDeA Design House makes the world a more beautiful place, as their motto says, “We design a better world.”

Everything that is used is from new hardwood foundations, hardwood, that is eco-friendly and good for the planet.

The way they see it, furniture should not be just one thing. Furniture can be a chair in the morning, a bed at night, a sofa when guests are at home, and/or a storage unit other times.

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