The iGaming industry is booming. Variety of changes have taken place in the iGaming industry in the previous couple of years. For instance, the year 2019 witnessed the arrival of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin made use of in casinos and the coming year even projects an even more exciting turn of trends which have the potential to revolutionize the industry.


Affiliation is a marketing strategy which links two parties, the publisher and the casino. After an agreement is reached between between the two, unique links, banners or ads are generated which link customers directly to the casino. In return, the publisher is paid based on a commission of how much each customer spend on the casino site. Usually this commission is between 30-50%.

Several SEO experts have focused on building affiliate networks for online casinos as a means of creating a passive income. This has led to long-lasting cooperation between casinos and SEO experts. In fact, SEO affiliation used to be the only marketing channel for many online casinos a few years ago. Bestonlinecasinoca.com is an example of such affiliate. Here players can search for online casinos and bonuses. The players are then redirected the casino, which pays a commission to the affiliate site.

Online gaming streaming is another form through which affiliate links are now used for revenue generation. One platform that have proven to generate a steady income is Twitch. For example, Roshstein, a famous Twitch-streamer, has dedicated his channel solely to casino streaming and has thousands of followers. Many online casinos are now promoting their sites on his channel and in return Roshstein makes a commission of every viewer he redirects.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality, commonly called VR is another gaming trend expected to take the online gambling industry by storm in the coming year. With VR in online gambling, gamers are given an even more immersive gaming experience. VR isn’t new and it’s quite easy to access VR headsets as they are sold in large quantities by PlayStation. However, the gambling industry is about to witness another level of gaming with Virtual Reality online gambling. In fact, VR poker began in 2019, attracting many online gamblers. For example, Slotsmillion has focused on a lot of VR and is now considered a leader within this niche.

Block Chain

Over the next year, this is another trend very likely to sweep across the online gambling industry. Some BlockChain Casinos are already functional, however, there’s likely to be a proliferation of BlockChain casinos in the coming year. These are websites which are overseen through networked computers which help to prevent casinos from gaining access to or disrupting user data. This is a good development, especially nowadays when some of the abounding issues on online casinos is about secure, safe and how transparent user data is. These casinos will also permit players to make deposits with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, that way customers wary of sharing their credit card information online have other options.

Access in restricted areas

Some of these trends also have resultant outcomes. For instance, as a result of cryptocurrencies, online gamblers can now play without revealing their identity and without fear of getting traced. Therefore, majority of players across the globe can now gamble online, even from areas where gambling has been strictly restricted! For instance, in Taiwan with its strict gambling laws, there are more online gambling sites growing which accept cryptocurrencies, and consequently, more online gamblers also. Since such places are uncharted territories, more online casinos with cryptocurrency payments are likely to spring up in the coming year.

More live dealers

It has been observed that online gamblers have a preference for online casinos which offer them the option of live casinos online. This is not surprising as live casinos online provide gamers with a very similar casino experience without needing to be in a physical casino. With engaging live dealers for games such as Baccarat or Blackjack, gamers tend to play more, and online casinos hope to take full advantage of this. Therefore, 2020 is a year where gamers can look forward to a major proliferation of live gaming online by online casinos.

Introduction of smartwatches

It first began with gambling on PCs, mobile phones and now, even smartwatches! Technology intends to make each process handier, and with technological advancements like internet-enabled smartwatches, wagers can be easily placed from your wrist. Such devices have been quite common, and show promising signs in subsequent years, this is made easier by software creators who make modern games which are optimised for the various gadgets. The smartwatch industry is projected to yield up to $52 billion in 2020 alone, no surprise as online gambling is a major contributor.