Pro Fitter – Improve Your Leg, Core and Upper Body Strength With a Single Machine | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Looking for new exercise equipment that not only challenges but adjusts to your specific needs, no matter your age or ability? Well, look no further than the Pro Fitter.

Since 1985, athletes and medical experts have depended on the Pro Fitter to improve sport performance, rehabilitate injuries and increase the overall quality of life. You see, it offers more than just exercise. The range of motion and unique challenges make it more like a sport.

It includes over 20 exercises designed to improve leg, core and upper body strength, and stability, giving you better balance, coordination, and overall agility.

It includes a laminated exercise guide and DVD with details on how to perform each exercise.

The independently flexing and rotating footpads allow you to adjust for the best positioning, with the six different tension settings, allowing for all sizes and skill levels of users The Pro Fitter also comes with a soft ankle board for sitting, standing, and upper bodywork.

Not only is this a great way to exercise, but it’s proven extremely useful in rehabilitation.

Find your strength today and visit to purchase your Pro Fitter.