Rosie’s Reality – A Fun Gaming Experience for the Whole Family | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

There’s nothing better than a game suitable for the whole family – one that captures the curiosity of kids and engages parents. Rosie’s Reality is a puzzle inspired by what the world might look like in 2048.

It’s a fun family experience that requires communication and quick thinking to solve. In the future, robot assistants are now part of every human’s daily life.

Unfortunately, the global control center has been hacked, exposing a critical flaw in robot assistant chips.

You must guide Rosie, the rescue robot, to find and fix faulty robot assistants.

You’ll then embark on a series of training puzzles that introduce core gameplay in a secure simulation environment, like construction sites, skyscraper rooftops, spaceports and more.

You’ll guide Rosie through the puzzle by building a path of colorful blocks, representing a different command that will tell Rosie what to do.

There’s even an Augmented Reality mode that allows you and Rosie to create and solve puzzles in your living room.

The whole family can get in on the fun when you search for “Rosie’s Reality” on Apple Arcade today.