Looking for a free online plagiarism checker with percentage? Well, you are surely in the right place. We will tell you about the top two best free plagiarism check tools that are available in the market today for reliable and secure services. Well, you should know that there are plenty of plagiarism remover tools available today, but not all of them are reliable for use and to check copied content. this is because of multiple reasons, and the main reason is that these tools that are said to be unreliable have a very little amount of database saved on their backend.

If we talk about their efficiency in checking the content, then there are no doubts about it but as they have little data to compare the text with that is why they can’t promise a hundred per cent reliable results!

Now you must also know that the plagiarism tools that we will talk about today are the best reliable ones because they are web-based and for this very reason their checking capacity is very high and gets updated on a regular basis! so let us move on with the details of the checker!

Plagiarism Checker by Smallseotools.Com

The plagiarism checker by small seo tools is said to be one of the best tools for plagiarism check! If we talk about the history of this tool, then it is one of the oldest tools that are available in the market for plagiarism checking. The tools were there since the very launch of the plagiarism checking concept! The small seo tools is a very reliable platform for free search engine optimization, and if you don’t know about plagiarism checking, then you must surely use this tool.

The tool is a complete guide in itself for plagiarism checking and the right use of the tool, now the different features of the tool include its free services, it’s easy to understand interface, its user-friendly utilization and the accuracy of it! The tool is very easy to navigate access as you can find it on the top ranks. Now you must know that the plagiarism checker by small seo tools is capable of splitting and then checking your content for plagiarism and this is the very reason that it can detect the smallest traces of plagiarism!

The tool can be used easily, you can just enter the text manually in the search bar, you can either copy-paste it, or you can also upload the whole document to check for plagiarism. If the content has some traces of copied content, then it will tell you about the percentage of it. This is very helpful especially in academic writing as in academic writing you are allowed and sometimes have to maintain a percentage of plagiarism!

Plagiarism Checker by DupliChecker!

The plagiarism checker by DupliChecker is also one of the most important tools available in the market for checking of duplication! DupliChecker is one of the few of the top plagiarism checkers on the web which issues the detailed percentage report of duplication of content in the document. Not only the DupliChecker issues the percentage report of the content in question but can also give you the percentage of duplication and plagiarism of phrases within the content itself. For instance, if you are writing a 2000-word article, and there are 400 words that are being repeated in the content, then the percentage of the duplicate content will be twenty! This is a very useful feature especially when it comes to the writing of reports and journals. Information repetition is not a good sign in research writing, and you can easily take care of it with the help of DupliChecker!

You can easily check around 50 documents in a day if you register yourself with the tool. A non-registered person cannot enjoy this much amount of free checking and can only check one document for plagiarism! If you have bulk documents for checking of duplication and comparison, then DupliChecker is said to be the best document for you! You can easily access DupliChecker in the top ranks of any reputed search engine!

For more details about plagiarism checking stay tuned with us!