The internet has brought us so many wonderful things including entertainment, a way to connect with others across the world, and of course, shopping from home in our pajamas. If you’re a fan of making online purchases then you’ve likely thought about ordering your prescription eye wear from a reputable website. However, sometimes the timing can get a little bit tricky, and you’ve likely wondered “how can I get same-day glasses near me?” For those who need their new eye wear as soon as possible, consider the following.

Does Being Close Matter?

Whether you’re simply itching to get your new prescription eye wear quickly or you’ve got a trip planned and you’re on a short deadline, wondering about “getting same-day glasses near me” can be enough to keep you up at night. One of the main things to consider is just how much it matters, or not, that your online retailer is close to you. Most places offer fairly fast shipping, so even if you’re ordering from somewhere across the nation, you won’t have to wait long.

Be Accurate

When you purchase glasses online you’re required to enter your prescription in order to have your eye wear custom made just for you. It’s key to remember that your prescription does expire, usually within two years or even less, so make sure that you have an eye exam before you order your glasses.

People who ask about getting same-day glasses near me should also keep in mind that typos can happen with ease, especially when it comes to numbers. If you accidentally put the wrong prescription information into your order, you certainly won’t be getting a correct pair of glasses quickly.

One-Stop Shopping

Finding same-day glasses near me isn’t actually that large of a challenge as it seems that there are countless numbers of online retailers who are ready to sell you eye wear. The trick, however, is to find ones that offer amazing quality in both their frames and lenses. A large selection of styles is great, but if you’re truly looking for fast turnaround time, make sure all of your options are covered.

You’ll need to ensure that the frame you purchase is made from high-quality metal or plastic and that the lenses are crafted from light yet strong materials. Eye wear should feature a scratch-resistant coating at a minimum and if you have the option for an anti-reflection coating as well, select it – your eyes will thank you after spending hours looking at digital devices.

Stick With What You Know

Sometimes it’s great for us to step outside of our comfort zones when it comes to fashion, but when you realize “I need to order same-day glasses near me” and time is of the essence, it might be best to trust your gut. Opting for a new style or selecting a color that you don’t normally wear can be great, but when you place an order online and thus can’t try on your selection first, it makes things more difficult.

Instead, try placing an order for eye wear that you know you’ll love or at the very least, something that is neutral. Stick with a basic black or brown frame or opt for a sleek and simple metal style to ensure that you’ll love what you ordered rather than having to go through the process all over again if you’re not totally sold on your initial purchase.

For all the people who tell you, “I can never find same-day glasses near me,” consider sharing with them some of the tips above. Nothing beats proper planning when it comes to buying eye wear, but if you’re in a hurry and need glasses fast, make sure that you follow these guidelines!