WaterWatch PRO – Accurate, Hyper-Focused Rainfall Data on Your Smartphone | NewsWatch Review


People who are construction managers, stormwater inspectors, or civil and environmental engineers need details on how much rain fell and when it’s going to rain next.

Having the “right” info helps you stay on top of permit inspections and construction claims.

That’s where the WaterWatch PRO app comes in.

WaterWatch PRO uses NOAA data to monitor rainfall, sending you a notification via text or email when rain meets a threshold you define.

This provides you with hyper-focused, accurate, and timely rainfall data for any location in the U.S. right on your smartphone.

The app displays both hourly rainfall and the 24-hour accumulated total ending at each hour.

As rain falls, the hourly values change, but you also see how the 24-hour value increases, decreases or remains the same.

It’s extremely simple to use. Download the app, mark your project locations on a map, and define the threshold when WaterWatch PRO will notify you.

You can also see a forecast for the next three days so you can plan ahead.

Each day, you get a summary for your locations as well as a detailed report at the end of each month.

Download the WaterWatch PRO app from the Google Play or App Store and sign up for a free trial today.