BMAT – Providing Global Solutions for Monitoring Music Across TV, Radio, and More | NewsWatch Review

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Times have changed and the music industry would be almost unrecognizable to anyone from 20 years ago.

The way information and data flows is different thanks to digital downloads and streaming. While it makes music accessible, it also means that innovative technologies are needed to keep this data flowing properly.

BMAT is a global music tech company who use their monitoring technologies and audio fingerprinting to provide solutions for monitoring and reporting music across TV, radio, venues, and digital platforms.

With lightning-fast media distribution across an endless array of devices and platforms, identifying a song, where it’s playing and who should be paid for it is now more complex than ever.

BMAT can tell you when and where any song is played and provide the correct metadata that describes who owns the rights to each track.

Their music monitoring services provide a neutral source of data available to anyone in the distribution cycle – from Music Licensing Companies to the artists themselves.

Their tech allows artists to get paid the correct amount in royalties as well as making data transparency available to all players of the music industry.

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