If you operate in an office environment, working in an isolated cubicle can take its toll on your health and wellbeing. Many office workers find themselves looking out the window, daydreaming about escaping their mundane setting and swapping it for some much-needed fresh air. If you’re interested in creating a workplace outside, here are some top tips to ensure you stay productive no matter where you are.

Weatherproof Your Existing Tech

If you need to use a laptop and router during business hours, the majority of devices are tailored towards being used indoors. Standard computer screens are virtually unusable on sunny days, and summer showers can cause havoc to even the hardest of electronics. There are numerous measures that you can take to add an extra layer of protection to your tech, such as by using a beach umbrella to prevent screen glare. There are antiglare screens that can be stuck onto your laptop to help make the display more visible too. If rain is a concern, purchasing a Ziploc bag will waterproof your laptop or smartphone while letting you tap away.

Find the Right Gear

When the spring and summer months roll into town, temperatures begin to rise, making it the perfect time of year to work outdoors. If you need equipment such as a laptop to complete your workload, it’s important that you invest in the right gear to ensure your electronics don’t get damaged. Depending on your needs, there are lots of inexpensive travel laptops that are weather resistant, and come with a screen that’s easier to see in the sunshine. If you need Wi-Fi to do your work, the latest smartphones can tether wireless internet to computers nearby, or you can even purchase a dedicated mobile hotspot that creates a network for you to work outdoors.

Boost Your Creativity

There are tons of health benefits that go hand in hand with working outdoors. Getting fresh air in your lungs and being under the sun can also boost your creativity levels and make you more productive with your work. Having outdoor time can be a great opportunity to disconnect and focus on your workload. To get the juices flowing, you may want to hold business meetings in your local park or schedule a walking meeting with your colleagues which can be great for letting off steam and getting away from the office.

Boost Productivity

If you run your own business and want to take your workplace outside, it’s important that each member of the team knows what is expected of them to ensure tasks and projects are completed on time. Downloading tools like Blocksite can boost your team’s productivity. Understanding the importance of time management can help you stay on track with deadlines, making sure that clients and suppliers are satisfied.

Take Baby Steps

As a business owner, it’s best to take baby steps towards working outdoors. Employee satisfaction should be top of your agenda, so if your heart is set on creating an outdoor workplace, creating a transition period so that each member of the team can adjust is key. The area you choose to work in can have a huge impact on productivity levels. For example, if you were to work in a busy park, there are lots of distractions that can take your eye off the ball and decrease motivation. So that you and your team can work to the best of your ability, finding a quiet and peaceful area filled with nature and tranquility can make all the difference.

Working outdoors can provide tons of benefits for your health, including helping to reduce stress levels, improve immune function, and lower blood pressure. Getting in touch with nature and not being huddled up in an office environment can boost productivity levels and keep your business running in the right direction.