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Consumer Update

I don’t think there’s a doubt in anyone’s mind that vitamins and any natural supplement are good for your body. Naturopaths and medical doctors alike will tell you how important B12 and iron supplements are to your wellbeing. That being said, not all vitamins or any one supplement are made equal.

Different companies use a different process to formulate their line of vitamins. There are a wide array of formulas or methods of making those vitamins you swallow because they are all trying to solve different problems. One company might be trying to make a supplement easier to swallow, while another might be chasing better absorption. So vitamin B12 from “Company A” might have a different effect in your body than vitamin B12 from “Company B.”

To understand this clearer, let’s look at how pills travel and eventually break down in your body. Every pill you swallow follows the same path. They make their way into your stomach to be broken down and digested where they then head to your liver for further cleansing. At this point you’re left with very little to then enter your bloodstream and work its nutritional magic.

Companies have been struggling with this problem for decades – how do you protect the vitamin supplement from being destroyed before it gets to your bloodstream and nourishes your body? In an effort to combat this problem, they’ve applied a stronger coating as well as shellac to their vitamins that would protect it all the way through your system.

Unfortunately, this isn’t really much of a solution as proper absorption is still inhibited. Then there are the companies that add sugar and other artificial ingredients to make supplements more palatable, turning your nutrition into candy.

Stepping up to bat are companies like Frunutta who’ve solved the issue of absorption and palatability without shellac and without artificial ingredients. Frunutta adds a tiny bit of lactose to each tablet to help it dissolve under your tongue, entering the bloodstream quickly. A little bit of acacia gum holds it together before it’s ready to be placed under your tongue.

They’ve got a full line of vitamins that offer better absorption and only the stuff your body actually needs. A quick look at their website and you’ll see Vitamin C, B 12, iron supplements and plenty more.

If you’re looking for higher quality vitamins without unnecessary fillers, then check out Frunutta by heading to their site –