Are you planning to invest time, money, and efforts on doing a certification in a PRINCE2 Foundation?

PRINCE2 is also known as Projects in Controlled Environments, Version 2 is one of the popular certification programs for Project Management.

There are many reasons for doing a PRINCE2 foundation program. Some are for improving the personal skill set of an employee, while some do the certification for the sake of employe requirement.

Here are some reasons how useful is the PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner certificate?

Build and Improve your Project Management Skills

The chief reason for doing the PRINCE2 project management certification is that PRINCE2 training helps the employees to deploy better project management skills. Also, it was noticed that the output of the employees who have done the Prince2 Foundation was far better than those who haven’t taken up the training.

One can learn the terminology, methodology, procedures, common systems, and framework used by a large set of project managers and also learn the required skills to successfully, initiate, monitor, manage, plan and execute the projects. PRINCE2 follows a different methodology than the PMP certification program, and it offers versatility and different flexibility.

PRINCE2 methodology is more than an Instruction Manual

Unlike certifications like PMP, PRINCE2 methodology emphasis greatly on the set of project management principles, which follows the rigid set of rules and instructions.

PRINCE2 methodology explains in detail about the stages of the project and the process to be carried out at different levels and also the responsibilities associated at each stage of the project. PRINCE2 will not explain how to micromanage the upcoming tasks, but it will surely let you know how to understand the principles and processes of a project and how well you can manage them. By doing so, you can easily understand the PRINCE2 projects that can suit your needs and see the projects that you can manage with ease.

You Can Start Easy

When you are planning to do a certification, the costs involved for doing the certification, time involved to prepare for it, and the disruption introduced by it in other areas are the important factors to be considered. One best advantage of the PRINCE2 foundation is that you can start by preparing for the foundation exam itself. In short, it means that you need not dedicate time for training and other high-cost materials. Instead, you can directly do real-time project management certification. Without disturbing your daily routine, you can start preparing for the PRINCE2 project management exam, and it takes lesser efforts to comprehend the project management concepts.

PRINCE2 exam needs three levels to be cleared. But, this project management exam is pretty easier compared to other project management exams in the world.

Also, while preparing for the PRINCE2 Foundation exam, you can clearly understand what you can expect from the training and decide whether you wish to continue beyond the foundation exam or not. This makes the early phase of PRINCE2 training program pretty easier.

Can Get Certification Faster Compared To Other Examinations

Unlike other exams, there is no complicated process for registering for the exam, and also no audit process for your application is required. Once the training is completed, all you need to do is that you take up a public exam for PRINCE2 training, or you can take up the exam with your trainer.

Certified PRINCE2 Professionals Earn Huge Income

The average salary of a PRINCE2 certified project manager is around GBP 50,000, and they are one of the top professionals in Europe. This gives an opportunity to hone your skillset and command for a better salary in the industry. In the USA, and average PRINCE2 project manager earns an income of $97,000. The reason for such a huge pay scale is that the PRINCE2 acts as a benchmark in hiring project managers in any organization. That is the reason most of the project managers are paid lucrative salaries.

Global Recognition for the PRINCE2 Foundation Certification

PRINCE2 certification holds global recognition. The certification is developed under the supervision of the UK government in the public IT sector. This is one of the de facto standards of project management in many parts of the world. Public, Private, and Government sector companies are deploying PRINCE2 project management standards in their organization. USA, UK, Asia, and Africa are looking for more certified professionals in PRINCE2, for their organization.

AXELOS Ltd is a company which holds the rights for the PRINCE2 certification. It has mentioned that the US Federal Government IT projects are being operated with the help of PRINCE2 project management professionals, and this certification gives you an opportunity to work on international projects.

PRINCE2’s Project Management Blends Better with Many Organizations

Unlike other project management certifications, the PRINCE2 project manager is not the sole captain of the project in an organization. Roles and responsibilities of the project are clearly defined by the organization and shared within the team members.

So, even if the PRINCE2 project manager plays a crucial role in the success or failure of the project, it is not only him alone who would be blamed, when the things go wrong. Apart from that, the roles and responsibilities in PRINCE2 projects are shared among the team members, which means that the chances of the project being a failure is minimized.

Not Limited to a Single Industry with PRINCE2 Certification

As a PRINCE2 certified professional, you can work with any organization as the methodology of project management in PRINCE2 is not tied to any industry in specific. So, you can use your PRINCE2 project management skills in any organization worldwide.

Proof of Certification is Available for All

With the PRINCE2 Certification program, the proof is available for everyone to see the certificate. This is because, once a candidate clears the PRINCE2 exam, his or her name is entered in the official PRINCE2 candidate register by APMG International.

This portal can be checked by any organization. So, when you are applying for a job, there is no need to send the copies and documents of PRINCE2 certificate to any employer. The online portal of the PRINCE2 is good enough to explain that you have cleared the examination and eligible for taking up a job in any organization globally. The employer can simply search by entering the name and candidate number in the portal.

We hope the above-mentioned points are good enough to clear your doubts on how useful is the PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner certificate? This is one of those project management courses, which helps you to get the best project management jobs with less investment of time and money on clearing the PRINCE2 examination.