Discover Commercial Real Estate for Sale or Rent with Digsy

Consumer Update

Real estate investing is only as easy as the data that’s available to you. The same goes when searching for commercial real estate for sale or rent. There are an endless variety of real estate websites that purport to make the experience as painless as possible, but that’s far from the truth.

With hidden fees and other ulterior motives, some of these real estate websites are downright shady. When on the hunt for commercial real estate for sale or rent, you need a robust search engine that is geared toward the user experience, without wasted time.

Digsy is a free search engine that allows you to browse commercial properties that are for sale or lease. This unique platform was built from the ground up from the point of view of the person looking for real estate investing opportunities and those searching for the right space for their business needs.

Unlike other real estate websites that focus on residential with commercial real estate listings thrown in as an aside, Digsy provides everything the business owner needs to make an informed decision about his or her property needs. Despite the plethora of information, the site is pretty easy to use.

You start by plugging in the exact criteria you’re looking for. Are you looking to buy or lease? This is important and something you need to decide on before moving forward. A lot of small to medium businesses would probably look to rent, but that also depends on their unique business needs.

Next, you’re going to select what kind of space you’re looking for – Office, Industrial or Retail. Then – and this is important – you’re going to select where you want to search. Plug in the city and any more specific neighborhoods within that city.

Next up is relevant spatial and budget fields. How big or small do you need the space to be? What’s your max budget? You’ll enter in information like any specific requirements that you need for the space and what it is your business does exactly. All of this is relevant information to help Digsy help you.

You’ll be able to see a full list of results particular to your search criteria. In addition, you’ll have the option of connecting up with a professional real estate agent that’s been trained and vetted by Digsy to answer any of your real estate needs.

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