The Ultimate Phone Purse – Save the Girls

Consumer Update

I think it’s safe to say that nearly everyone has a smartphone, or minimally a cell phone of some kind these days. Modern smartphones come with a hefty price tag so it’s smart to invest in a phone case that’ll protect that expensive gadget from damage when you drop it.

One “case” that is gaining popularity due to its secondary function as a fashion accessory is the cell phone purse or, more importantly, the crossbody phone bag. Whatever you choose to call it, the phone purse is a cute alternative to the clunky phone case that will inevitably wind up in your purse anyway. There’s just one problem. It’s incredibly annoying to retrieve your phone from your purse every time you need to use it, which, let’s face it, is all the time.

Save the Girls offers a great crossbody phone bag or purse that is not only stylish but functional. The clear pouch allows you to see your phone screen without ever taking it out of your purse. Not only is the pouch clear for easy viewing, it also allows you to type and use the touch screen functionality of your phone. You can text, answer calls and take selfies and more, right through the clear backing of the pocket in which your phone resides.

The Save the Girls design is perfect as a fashionable accessory that goes with almost any outfit. The lightweight body slings over your shoulder crossbody style for the ultimate in comfort. Beyond being super cute, it’s multi-functional. Sure, this unique cell phone purse was designed around the concept of holding your smartphone, but what would be the point of only having a single pocket to house your phone? The super cute crossbody phone bag has an extra pocket that’s perfect for any number of items, including credit cards, money, car keys, lipstick, mace, you name it.

Not only is it multi-functional but there are a number of different style options available for those looking to own the Save the Girls phone purse. In fact, there are 16 different styles available to choose from. These include styles like Classic Elegance, The Weekender and Allure. They’ve even got an RFID option.

The idea behind the design of this unique crossbody purse is to perfectly marry style and functionality in balanced harmony. I’d say they did a good job. You can peruse their full collection and purchase your favorite one at Be sure to use code, ‘Newswatch10’ for a discount.