Top College Apps that Reveal the Power of Your Smartphone

Even though your teachers and parents hate the smartphones and their creator to the marrow of their bones, they should admit that the gadgets can become as helpful as they are distracting. With a variety of educational apps, students can now become twice effective both in classes, and when doing their homework due to different educational apps and their opportunities. In this article, we will discover what apps can be used for the educational benefit and how exactly they can help in studying.

How mobile apps can improve your results

To see the real value of apps for education, let`s check the most widely used and efficient apps that help students nail their homework and group projects:

  1. EverNote. You have probably heard about this note-taking app that can boast of syncing all your notes across your devices, making it easy, safe, and convenient to use. In the app you can customize and organize the information the way you like, share it with friends, use word search and transform pictures with your handwriting into the digital format;
  2. Essay services. Almost every writing agency has a mobile app that can make your cooperation easier. If earlier you had to struggle with your writing assignments, now you can put a request to «pay someone to do my essay» or «I require writing an essay for me» and receive a well-written paper according to your requirements – quickly and cheap;
  3. Mathway. If you have to deal with numbers, this app is a must-have. From the simplest to most complicated formulas, it can solve any Math task as you type it. Even if you just take a picture, the app will be able to recognize and solve it. Moreover, it explains how the result was achieved, so you learn by a detailed step-by-step guide on how the solution was found;
  4. AnyDo. For perfectionists and those who like ticking tasks off the to-do list, there was created an exclusive app. It offers to get things done in a less painful, more satisfying, and motivating way. Like many other apps, it provides synchronization between devices, creates reminders, gives an ability to share lists with other users and becomes an ideal solution for a group project;
  5. Drunk Mode. How many times did you wish someone stopped you from doing all these embarrassing things? Now you have a personal assistant that controls your alcohol assumption. Well, not exactly. Before you get drunk, you can block some undesirable contacts to avoid unpleasant drunken conversations you will regret after. Besides, it has a built-in GPS function to get home safely or find your friends nearby, and what is more exciting, it will let you trace all the locations you attended when you wake up with a hangover the following morning;
  6. Sleep cycle. The key to the success of any student is a few hours of good healthy sleep. The app could wake you up during specific sleep phases to allow you being more productive and energetic even if you slept just a couple of hours. When we wake up during deep sleep, it makes us rather grumpy, so relying on the app, we can make the most out of the limited time. Although 8 hours of sleep are still highly recommended, we all know how tough college can be, so Sleep Cycle is the next best thing after a long healthy sleep.