Citronella Candles – Find the Best at Patio Essentials

Consumer Update

If you’ve ever found yourself wandering through the pesticide aisle at your local lawn and garden store, you’ll find a few citronella candles and products, but nothing that’ll add real style to your outdoor patio. I’m not sure why, but it seems to be a neglected niche that’s relegated to small sections of the store for functional items.

Your outdoor patio should be your haven where you go to relax in a comfortable yet aesthetic space. You shouldn’t have to put up with a drab set-up, bothered by incessant buzzing insects. Citronella is a natural oil that acts as an insect repellent and so has been seen as a model of functionality and not style. Every functional item in your outdoor patio should serve a dual purpose as a piece of art.

Patio Essentials seeks to do just that by offering a unique design that elevates the citronella candle’s aesthetic quality. The AquaFlame is their newest citronella product that not only keeps those pesky insects at bay but assists you in relaxing. The pleasant sound of cascading water emanating from the AquaFlame color-changing fountain creates a relaxing atmosphere in your outdoor patio.

Think of this citronella fountain as a diffuser for essential oils. The movement of the water allows you to add a few drops of essential oils, spreading the aromatic scent throughout your outdoor patio. Never underestimate what essential oils can do for you at the end of a stressful day.

The color-changing fountain includes a total of 16 different color variations, allowing you to pick your favorite and settle into the right mood. You can allow it to morph through all the available colors or simply turn off the LEDs and just listen the smooth sound of flowing water.

Now, the AquaFlame is battery-powered so you can place it wherever you like, indoor or outdoor.

The built-in time will make sure the batteries don’t run down when you’re not using it, helping to extend the battery life and keep you relaxed when you need it most.

While Patio Essentials’ newest citronella product, the AquaFlame, is a popular choice, the company offers a wide array of other unique products to spruce up your outdoor patio. These include basic citronella candles, table-top torches and lanterns. It’s not enough to simply own a few pieces of outdoor patio furniture, you need the proper accessories to really bring the space alive. Patio Essentials is exactly that – essential items for your patio.

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