With Evernote users and students can take online digital notes that they may share with ease. Such services are of particular benefit to people with poor or slow handwriting. These notes not only help you with the study but aid the academic service you hire after reading essay writing service reviews. With a note-taking solution like Evernote, you can store the notes for reference as long as you want to. The last great thing about Evernote is how the service makes it easy to organize notes.

Evernote started as a simple text-based note-taking app. The way people use the app has changed since then thanks to the features added later on. This means you need some time to get used to how the app works. And the change from paper and pencil to PC and mobile device-based input and outputs takes some time to get used to. But learning how to use Evernote is totally worth it thanks to the great benefits that it has.

The Best Thing About Evernote

There are different app features appreciated by different app users. But one common thing they end up with is having too many notes tagged to a single notebook. Keeping the records organized is one great secret of increasing productivity with Evernote. There are plenty of Evernote features that let you do that. These include features like stacking notebooks and store them as archives. One of the most useful of such features is the option to merge notes. This will help you to reduce the number of similar notes by combining them. This helps a lot in cutting down on the clutter and keeping things organized.

It is easy to clutter your Evernote space. This is due to the fact by default, Evernote creates new notes each time you add PDF and image files. This is where the option to merge notes stands out. Evernote lets you combine many files into one. This feature helps to ensure the highest amount of organization. Not only that, but it also makes sharing class or meeting notes super easy. Sometimes you can also choose to hire Speedy Paper for your academic work. It is an excellent service, as this speedypaper review suggests.

Other Ways You Can Use the Merge Notes Feature

Keeping receipts organized – You can simply take a snap of a receipt or scan the same. Then you can add them into organized notes. You can also receive data from other apps and feed them into the Evernote system. Evernote also has the advanced ability to recognize text in digital images. Such writing can even be searched through. By merging all these files into a single note, Evernote makes it easy to keep things organized.

Keep a record of the revisions to your resume – Evernote also helps you in your search for a job. It achieves this by letting you combine several PDF resume versions. The changed text notes help you keep track of the changes you have made with time.

Storing podcasts – Premium Evernote users can also choose to upload their preferred podcasts. Though technically, you can do this in the free version too, the space constraints do not allow it. After uploading the audio files, you can merge them into a single note dedicated to podcasts.

The merge notes feature of Evernote is an excellent way to keep the Evernote footprint at the smallest. You need not delete or archive notes in order to stay organized anymore. The merge notes feature is super helpful for people who have all sorts of records to keep a tab on.