To facilitate your reaching out to and working with current and potential customers and clients, there are so many software options available it can be challenging to find the right one for your needs. Which one you choose may depend on whether you need help with one or several aspects of marketing, keeping customers/clients informed, or keeping track of all existing projects and sales. It’s essential to select the software that will be the most effective for your business, providing optimal results. It isn’t impossible to emulate the success stories of thriving companies and forerunners in this field, such as John Cestar. He has an extensive history of achievements, most recently with EPAM Systems

Here are several highly recommended software suggestions.


Depending on the size of your business and budget, you may not want to spend too much money to begin with. You may feel cautious about paying for software you have little or no experience of using, at least until you see some results.

Therefore, you may want to start with HubSpot CRM, as a taster for what a customer relation management system can do for your business. The basic cost-free version includes features such as live chat for connecting instantly with customers/clients, email sequences that can be set to follow up queries or purchases within a set time afterwards and tracking to provide an insight into which of these is most effective.

If you opt to upgrade, you can choose from three packages. There is also a simple online calculation where you can input your preferred membership level, your number of contacts, and additional add-ons and required services, to get a quote tailored to the precise needs of your business.


Airtable also offers a free option to try out its features, which help keep track of your sales leads, companies you’re working with, or have sold goods or services to, and opportunities. They have several price options for businesses requiring more digital storage space, or the option to keep track of revisions made to your files and records, going back as far as three years.

Active Campaign

Active Campaign has price plans starting at just $9 a month. They include a range of options to improve email marketing, subscription forms to encourage new sign-ups and live chat. This “Lite” option also allows up to three users. For more users and features, the prices increase considerably and are suitable for large businesses. However, there is a free trial to help determine whether your business would make use of and benefit from all the additional features available.

Capturing the attention of your target audience will always be a priority, whichever option you choose.

Fresh Sales

Fresh Sales is another CRM that has a low-cost monthly option, in addition to allowing new users to sign up for a free 21-day trial to learn whether the features benefit them. The cheaper option offers API access, lead scoring to measure whether leads are classed as hot, warm or cold, and email integration to enable you to send your business emails directly from your CRM. There are several other features to help with calls, SMS, and much more.

Fresh Sales higher-priced options extend the range of features. The benefits include up to 5000 bulk emails (per day/per user), collaboration, and file sharing between up to 50 teams, plus advanced reports that include insights on sales, lead conversion, revenue forecast, etc., smart-forms and event tracking. It captures website leads while tracking activity from your apps and website.

Other recommended software is a work OS that allows businesses and teams to work together on projects. The choice of templates available, allows the users to tailor the features to manage leads, improve customer relationships, and keep track of sales assets. With so many more people working from home at this time, your business and clients can take advantage of the ability to collaborate anywhere while being able to keep track of progress. Many well-known organizations have been associated with, including PayPal, Universal, Walmart, and Uber.

NetSuite’s CRM offers a choice of solutions tailored to increasing sales, productivity, and the lead to sales ratio. They operate in various countries around the globe, providing solutions to all sizes of business, whether start-up, family-owned, enterprise, or somewhere in-between. Rather than having a price list displayed on their website, they offer a unique quote following an initial consultation, based on several factors: from the industry of your business to its individual needs.

You can likely think of software options that aren’t presented here. However, the suggestions above should be a starting point to determine what is best for your business needs and how you can improve your business relationship with customers and clients while keeping track of all your business activities.