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I think most of us can agree when we order our hamburger or steak, we’d prefer our beef grass-fed. It’s not that controversial a topic really. We know that we need to trust what’s going into our bodies and we should demand that all of our meats are handled ethically from the farm to our tables.

While you might be out of luck when searching your local supermarket, you can usually find transparent companies that ensure their beef is grass-fed and free of harmful chemicals. One such company that’s built a reputation of trust with its customers is truLOCAL.

truLOCAL is easily one of the best meat delivery platforms around. Not only do they connect you with the best companies, but they also connect you with local businesses that have a vested interest in sourcing their meats ethically.

grass-fed delivery

The truLOCAL platform allows you to personalize your order online with a large selection of beef, chicken and pork. And yes, it’s grass fed beef. And yes, it’s non-GMO chicken. And yes, it’s antibiotic-free pork. I think the thing that makes truLOCAL stand out is its mission to create a transparent meat delivery platform that builds a trust between the source of the meat and the customers who are going to eat it. It’s a novel idea but really shouldn’t be.

When you use the best meat delivery service, you gain an insight into the whole process that brought that piece of meat to your home. You’ll see where it was sourced from and how that animal was raised and even the process by which the meat was obtained. So when they say the beef is grass fed on the package, you can see that in the story behind the meat.

Throw in the fact that meat delivery is free from any of their U.S. suppliers and truLOCAL holds a place at the top of their industry. Who doesn’t like free meat delivery? They also go through a lot of effort to maintain the integrity of your meat in the delivery process. Products arrive to your doorstep packaged in dry ice in order to keep them frozen during transit.

It’s not too much to ask to trust what you’re putting in your body and one of things that makes truLOCAL the best meat delivery service you’ll find is that they understand that and have built their service around it.

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