High-Quality, Environmentally-Conscious Kids’ Placemats by Hippypotamus

Consumer Update

Anyone with kids will tell you, getting them to eat their food is no small feat, and for some, next to impossible.

So it helps when you have fun accessories like plates and placemats to help get them into it. Well, Hippypotamus is here to save the day.

They offer a line of high-quality, environmentally conscious products that are both safe for your little ones and better for the planet.


The company prides itself on staying ahead of trends and creating unique designs that appeal to modern-day parents and kids without being either too kiddy or too boring.

The Hippypotamus non-toxic divided plates are made with 100% pure food-grade silicone with no added fillers or harmful chemicals.  These non-skid plates will help avoid spills, while the 3 separate sections perfectly portion and separate foods.

Then there are Hippypotamus placemats that are equally safe while keeping a sanitary surface for your kiddos to eat on. Extra sticky adhesives make sure this little sucker doesn’t slide around.

Lastly, there’s Hippypotamus reusable food pouches that allow you to avoid preservatives and unwanted ingredients and make your own healthy blends at home, making sure you know exactly what you’re putting into your little one’s belly.

Not to mention you’re also saving on plastic waste.

Browse Hippypotamus’s unique and environmentally conscious products designed to get you through your kid’s next meal, visit Hippypotamus.shop.