Fun Boxes for the Animal Lover – The Creature Crew

Consumer Update

Humans are but a blip in the global footprint of Earth. There are so many wonderful animals and other wildlife out there waiting to be explored, and that fact is not lost on children. Kids love animals and for good reason, they’re fascinating to study and learn about, allowing them to discover the world outside their front door.

There are endless discoveries to be made about the animal kingdom and that’s why The Creature Crew is the best box subscription for kids who want to learn more. These fun boxes arrive every month for kids 5 and up, bringing the wonder of the animal world right into their home.

Filled with scientific activities, creative crafts, fun puzzles, kid-friendly recipes, and a special gift highlighting that month’s animals, these surprise boxes are sure to capture their imagination and teach them all they might want to learn about our animal friends.

Each month, The Creature Crew focuses on two animals and their unique habitat. When they crack open one of these surprise boxes, they’ll be transported to wonderful new locations like tropical rainforests arid deserts, lush grasslands, frozen tundras and many other eye-opening locations from around the world. It’s all geared toward the goal of teaching them about animals and their unique world.

These fun boxes are seriously chock-full of fun items that encourage discovery. They include color-coded animal cards, animal stickers, a color-coded habitat map, as well as hands-on projects that help the little ones go outside and explore. They even get an official crew binder to easily organize all of the information they’re learning about the animal world and its unique features.

You can sign up for these fun boxes one of three ways. You can sign up month to month or opt for a 6-month or 12-month subscription. The longer your commitment to the best box subscription for animal lovers, the more money you’ll save. And if you have more than one kid interested in these surprise boxes, you can take advantage of the sibling savings. For only a few extra bucks, they’ll double the content of these fun boxes, so that both kids can participate in the exploration of the unique nature of the animal kingdom.

This is the best box subscription for kids who love animals and want to soak up everything they can about their world. You can sign up today by heading on over to