Certification in any field demonstrates the practical skills an applicant has to resolve technical or company-specific problems in business environments. If you are thinking of pursuing an IT badge, then we suggest that you opt for CompTIA credentials that are the gold standard for IT jobs. CompTIA Certifications A+ 220-1002 The CompTIA Security+ certification in particular is essential for cybersecurity specialists looking to qualify for the most in-demand jobs with decent compensation and promotion chances. But, what are the other reasons for gaining this badge? Let’s find out further on.

Causes to Strive for Security+

Here’s why the Security+ certification is the gold standard for people pursuing a career in IT security:

  • Currently, IT security is one of the most in-demand job categories and the demand for security administrators is at a record high.
  • The median salary for Security+ accredited is $74,613 as per Payscale.com.
  • There are more than 500,000 individuals with the Security+ badge.
  • Top organizations such as Agile Defense Inc., Brotherhood Mutual, and Nationwide use the CompTIA Security+. all time sale Even US Government Contractors require individuals with this Security+ credential.
  • Recently, the Security+ certification was approved by the DoD (U.S. Department of Defense).

Overall, the CompTIA Security+ badge serves as the primary leap for cybersecurity specialists who aspire to become Network Administrators, Systems Administrators, or Security Specialists. Get Now at pass4sure When companies interview entry-level cybersecurity candidates, the Security+ certification is the first thing they look for.

Job Openings & Salaries for Security+ Certified Cybersecurity Specialists

Indeed, the job market for entry-level specialists with the CompTIA Security+ certification is booming. Studies suggest that by 2021, there will be 3.5 million job requirements for individuals with this badge. Get Now at testking Thus, the increasing demand as well as low supply will certainly push salaries for accredited specialists even further. Once you receive the validation of being able to perform all entry-level security tasks, you can start applying for positions such as a Penetration Tester or Security Engineer with a starting salary of $58k and $61k respectively as Payscale.com claims. In addition, possessing the Security+ certification also increases your chances of promotion. So, entry-level candidates who work hard and gain some years of work experience can easily climb the career ladder and apply for higher positions such as a Lead Software Security Engineer or Chief Information Security Officer, which will also increase your annual income. available at cerbolt Again, as per Payscale, Software Security Engineers can earn $143k while Chief Information Security Officers’ yearly salary can increase up to $225k. Isn’t it worth trying hard and achieving your career ambitions?


Overall, possessing the CompTIA Security+ certification will bring you a lot of benefits like new career opportunities, a better annual salary, or a chance for promotions. So, we guess it’s high time that you start pursuing this badge and available at examcollection preparing for your SY0-501 assessment. And remember that the future is bright and full of possibilities for cybersecurity specialists who have such a certification. Good luck as you follow this CompTIA accreditation path!