Stay Safe with the Trtl Protect Travel Mask

Consumer Update

We’re eager to get back to our normal lives, especially traveling without constraint.

Trtl Travel has made it their mission to make everyone feel as safe and comfortable as possible when borders open, enabling people to feel excited to explore.

The Trtl Protect Mask is the first and only multi-purpose, multi-functional face covering. The core of the product is about allowing people to transition to different environments and providing the comfort, safety, and protection they need between those environments.

Trtl Travel Protect Mask

Trtl Travel MaskFor example, if you’re at a park, you can wear Trtl Protect Mask as a scarf or if you’re prepping to go to the grocery store, you can easily switch it to cover the face – for just a little extra bit of protection.

If you happen to be going on a crowded subway, you can transition to a full face mask. The switch is seamless between the three modes and what Trtl Protect Mask aims to do for its consumers.

Until everyone can have the freedom to walk around sans masks, Trtl Protect Mask provides an easy and stylish transition in the meantime.

Get excited to travel at today.